Home Field ScorebooK for Baseball/Softball

Home Field ScorebooK

for Baseball/Softball

Score games on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

If you’ve ever kept a scorecard at a baseball or softball game, have you wished that you could fit an entire scorebook into your pocket? Or that you could fill in lineups automatically and transfer them from game to game?

Home Field ScorebooK is the first baseball/softball scorekeeping app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that behaves like both a pen-and-paper scorebook and Apple’s built-in applications.

  • Download Home Field ScorebooK
  • Use Polo Grounds as Home Field?
  • Use New York Giants as Home Team?
  • Use National League Rules?
  • At Bat screen
  • In Play screen
  • Scorecard screen
  • In Play Dark Mode screen
  • Games Dark Mode screen
  • “ I so love this app. Clean, clear, crisp controls and a little trivia in the rules is never a bad thing. ”
  • “ This is a great easy to use scorebook. ”
  • “ You can jump right in and start scoring a game and go back to insert player names later if you want. ”
  • “ Settings to record play by play or pitch by pitch. ”
  • “ End of game recap and box score is also a cool feature. ”

Built-In App Look and Feel

Home Field ScorebooK is designed to match the look and feel of Apple’s built-in apps. If you've used iOS Contacts — players, teams and leagues will look familiar. Other scoring apps have fancier backgrounds, but our high-contrast graphics are easier to read while wearing sunglasses in the grandstand during a matinee, and Dark Mode is made for night games!


Home Field Advantage

The Home Field Advantage™ feature uses iOS Location Services to identify the current location and automatically return any teams previously associated with the field. You can also select a field or team manually to return the team, field and game rules (e.g. number of innings, number of fielders, number of batters and use of a designated hitter.)


Player To Be Named Later

Every game has a home team and a visiting team, 9 (or more) batters and 9 (or more) fielders. Home Field ScorebooK knows this, so it can create anonymous teams and players to fill out the lineups. The Player To Be Named Later™ feature lets you start scoring with anonymous teams and players, then assign named and/or numbered players to the lineup and fielding positions as you learn them during the game.